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Jacob og Peter ca. 1964.

Borwick Books is a micropress established in 2021 by the brothers and authors Jacob and Peter Gammelgaard with the purpose of publishing our own works for a wider audience and other works of interest to us.

Jacob Gammelgaard (b. 1956) holds an LL.M and a B.A. in comparative literature from Copenhagen University. Jacob has worked for 30 years in legal sector development assistance in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. Jacob has previously published three novels on Lindhart & Ringhof. Jacob is presently writing and maintaining De titusind tings blog (in Danish). The first thousand verses will be published in book form by Borwick Books late 2023.

Peter Andrew Gammelgaard (b. 1963) is a gardener, poet, woodworker, draughtsman, flutist and music connoisseur. Peter writes and illustrates poems and has since 1972 lived and worked at Marjatta (www.marjatta.dk) on Zeeland. Peter has Down’s Syndrome. Peter has created all the artwork on the website. Peter’s book of poetry in will be published in the fall of 2023.

Borwick is our English family name. The name is of Old Norse origin and was first introduced into the British Isles presumably by Norse vikings, who reached the Orkney Islands.